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Content Creation

Running a business is hard work, and it can be consuming. We don’t always have the time, or invest the time, answering fundamental questions before we begin. But those questions are important.people-office-group-team

Whether you are creating your first brand, or engaging in a re-branding process, we can help.

When you choose to work with Inception, we ask those questions for you. Who are you? What is your “true story”? What about your mission and vision? What is your differentiator? What is your value proposition? An important part of the Inception process is spending time researching and understanding what we call “your true story”. In other words, in order to help you create an authentic brand message that resonates with your mission and vision, we must understand the thought leaders and motivators behind the brand. We do this by spending time talking with you and, upon your request, other fundamental thought leaders in your organization in an Authentic Story Interview. This is, essentially, an in-depth informational interview that – with your permission – can be personal and powerful. The interview can last from one hour to up to eight hours over 3-4 meetings. Information revealed in the interview is held in strict confidentiality. The results of this interview are used to find your unique and personal message signature – the message you are communicating through both your words and deeds – as well as the messages and stories that, IMG_2224together, we sense will be most effective at achieving your business goals.

Next, we do “Due Diligence”. We research industry thought leaders, competitors and customers. What is your market? Who will buy what you’re selling? What are your customer personas or avatars? How do you want customers to find you? How is the sales funnel constructed?

Finally, we create strategy and tactics to tell your story effectively. We can start with an Executive Summary or Pitch Deck.

Perhaps you need a Media Kit or Logo Package? Do you have an email contact list and a way to create content that is delivered on an optimized schedule with data collected on customer response? In other words, who clicks where and how often? Do you need to speak publicly to establish you or a colleague as a thought leader with blogs, live appearances at events or on radio or television or live stream?

Whether it’s a world-class, responsive website with a vibrant social media profile that connects seemlessly to email and customer or donor funnels; public relations and marketing materials both digital and printed; conference or trade show booths, banners and collateral; or an endless supply of native digital content through graphic design, copywriting and video production from low to high production value. We get it done.