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The Kick! Talk Show with Pitch Coach Paul Vorreiter

Kyle Eason writes, directs and hosts “The Kick” – a 15 min. Talk Show on the milehighhouse Channel that features collaborative and visionary industry leaders and their “kick” – an idea with special magic that inspires and awakens.

Watch The Kick! Talk Show Episode #8 when we talk with pitch and presentation expert, Paul Vorreiter. Paul Vorreiter has over twenty-five years of marketing and design experience. One of his strengths is understanding how entrepreneurs think, after all he is one. As a former creative director he understands the importance of developing a thriving corporate culture. Today, Paul works with speakers, entrepreneurs, corporations and startup companies helping them create highly-effective presentations that ignite their audience to action and “revolutionize” their thinking. His presentation clients include some of the most sought after keynote speakers in the world. He also teaches his “Visual Stories” presentation philosophy to business owners and organizations around the country. He’s a branding junkie and presentation guru, but his passion remains in work that helps to change the world around us.

UNLEASH program vorreiterPaul has a new presentation he calls, Creativity for Business with an associated book entitled, “Unleash!” With over two decades of experience, Paul shares several of the secrets – 27 to be precise – and activities he implemented to help transform his creative staff into a highly-creative and innovative force. When you apply his simple exercises your team comes alive with new ideas that help transform your business and your bottom line. He’ll help you to “…unleash your authentic self.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.07.14 PMDon’t Miss Paul Vorreiter on The Kick! Talk Show with Kyle Eason.

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