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Re-Branding Success

John Marshall Cogswell | President 2016

A Yale BA, a stint in the Marines, training as a Navy JAG and 50 years practicing law has prepared John Cogswell for national leadership and a run for the Presidency of the United States, but someone has to tell the story.

John and his campaign manager Neal wanted a world-class website; a vibrant social profile connecting seamlessly to email and donor funnels; PR and marketing materials; and an endless supply of content.

We discussed John’s signature style and how we wanted to approach the campaign. Together, we created a living web presence including a logo and brand standards, website, social media and content in record time on budget.

John Cogswell

We posted regularly and advertised on social media.

A public relations outreach campaign was launched through my extended network and acquired media contacts as needed.

Our greatest measurable achievement?

We earned media hits with a combined print circulation of over 250k during the Iowa Caucus season when fifteen other major candidates were vying for the nation’s attention.

Now, John swims with the sharks. See

As John puts it, “We needed someone to help us tell our story in a way that would stand out in an overcrowded 2016 Presidential field. Kyle and his team created a robust and distinctive public relations profile across the board. They created a dynamic brand that just felt right – from logos, colors and tag lines to a banner and design package that really popped. Together we envisioned and produced a state of the art and highly secure website with email and fundraising management and a responsive social media presence complete with paid advertising. Their expert content helped mark our campaign as a thought leader. They did all their work on time and under budget. We recommend them whole-heartedly.”

Thanks, John!

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John Marshall Cogswell | President 2016


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