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Video Production

Kyle has produced, directed and acted in short films, fundraising pitches, live broadcast appearances, theater and commercial shoots in Los Angeles, Denver, Des Moines, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, and is thrilled to work with is professional production teams, alongside partners and investors, to bring ideas to life.

Shooting branding videos in Amsterdam, Kingdom of The Netherlands, on King's Day 2014.

Managing logistical issues while shooting branding videos in Amsterdam, Kingdom of The Netherlands, on King’s Day 2014.

Whether you need a concept, script, mood board, story board or budget estimate, we can help you get your video project go from “Can we…?” to “We’re doing this.”

Once the concept, script and budget are created and approved, the project goes further into pre-production.

Tom Hoch Jr.

Veteran television, music and film production pro Tom Hoch, Jr. behind the lense of an Arri high end camera.

We know what needs to be done to scout locations, secure permissions and insurance and schedule equipment, technical crew, voice and on-camera talent needed to make sure your video is prepared for every eventuality – including inclement weather and unexpected changes out of anyone’s control.

The production phase is handled by experienced professionals who know what it takes to get the job done so that the post-production pros – editors, animators, graphic artists and other talent – have everything they need to polish your production footage to broadcast quality standards.

Monitoring and adjusting lighting changes on set produces beautiful full service video production.

Monitoring and adjusting lighting changes on set produces beautiful full service video production.

Post-production begins after the footage is shot or “produced” in raw digital format. We have the connections and the knowledge to hire the right people for the right job so that your project conforms to high standards of quality and is ready to appear on screens of any size with lighting and sound that allows the original creative concept to shine through.

Following “post” we deliver your product in your preferred formats, and can even help you distribute your video far and wide so that you earn the traction you’re looking for.

Video projects start as low as $3000.

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181,000 views and counting. This brief brand story for ActivMove has juice. ActivMove: An Inspiring Story of a Running Enthusiast.

A statewide trade organization wanted to highlight the powerful work they were doing by bringing industry decision makers together and greasing the wheels of progress in Colorado Adtech. I produced, scripted and directed this piece and teamed up with one of my production partners to make it happen. They did fantastic work getting high energy visuals and sound, and my amazing editor took it from there.

Michael McCrann (left) and Chris Watters behind the scenes of their short film entitled “Rob Banks”.

360 Photography

Inception now has the ability to showcase your store, showroom, tap room or other properties in photographic 360 degrees. 

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